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Viking Pendants

Картинки по запросу Viking PendantsWe carry an assortment of intricate Nordic pendants featuring designs from Norse mythology, culture, and art. A number of our pendants depict noteworthy gods and goddesses like Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya, and Tyr, as well as items like Mjolnir. Other pieces feature designs of Viking longships, Viking shields, Viking axes, and the Viking warriors themselves. Crafted from high quality materials like pewter, sterling silver, white bronze, and gold, a number of these Nordic pendants also display shimmering gemstones as an accent. None of the pendants in this category come with a chain or cord, allowing you the freedom to choose your preferred method of wearing these pieces. Take a moment to browse our fantastic selection to see the many different items we have on offer.
Viking Pendants These Viki...

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